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High Speed Electric Scooter 110 km/h - Dual Motor 3200W - Can Drive 190km !!!!

Prior to this, no one supplier could provide such a overbearing motor. After repeated efforts, we finally developed it. The rated power of the front and rear motors is 72V1600W, the instantaneous power can reach 3200W, and the total of two motors is up to 6400W. It can be accelerated to 50km/h in 3 seconds. It is not surprising, is it unexpected? Only for the enthusiasts!

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SameZone 3200W 60V 36AH / Top Speed 85KPH / Travel Range120KM

● SameZone 3200W price ►►

● SameZone 3200W Electric Scooter

→ Battery: Lithium Battery 60V 13-42AH optional
→ Charging time: About 5-8hours
→ Motor: Dual Motors 1600W x 2
→ Wheel size: 10inch
→ Speed: ≤ 85km/h (Test with 50kg rider in flat road)
→ Max Load About 180Kgs
→ Max Mileage 26AH Battery : About 80kms
30AH Battery : About 100kms
36AH battery : About 120kms
(*test depend on rider's weight(50kgs),flat road condition, no wind, fit speed 60km/h, one engine mode.

● You can click a link below to see the price and more details. ►►


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→ SameZone 3200W Dual Motors Scooter 60V 36AH / Top Speed 85KPH / Travel Range120KM.
→ - Electric Scooters \u0026 Accessories

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